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The Arcis Man

Nourish the body & soul with Chris Hemsworth

27 March 2020

With so much happening in the world right now, having an app that creates you a tailored schedule of workouts, meals and general wellbeing each week is exactly what we needed! When Chris Hemsworth announced he was giving away a 6 week free trial to his app “Centr” our team knew we had to give it a go and see what it was all about.




There are loads of different workouts to try within the app including boxing, HIIT, MMA, Pilates, Yoga, and Functional Fitness. All the workouts are 40 minutes or less and believe us, they will challenge you no matter your current fitness level.

Even if you don’t have a full home gym there is a “low-equipment” option. I recommend putting on some of your favorite workout tunes and giving it a go. I prefer the ‘Self-Guided Workouts” so I can set my own pace.



Want to step it up to the next level?

Centr 6 is the apps 6-week fitness challenge designed to “Take training back to basics”. Now is a better time than ever to commit yourself to step up to the challenge and focus on your fitness.




The real most important meal of the day…Sleep!

Sleep visualisation is great to unload after a hectic day, using calm sound techniques to find the rest you need. The tracks last around 8-12 minutes and focus on lightening the load before you head off to the land of snooze. The sounds are complemented with a story to help you visualise the unneeded negative vibes exiting the body.

So far I’ve been taken down a countryside road, a mountain escape with the crackling log fire and tonight I am emptying my bag of negativity on a beach. I must say if its something you’ve never tried its worth a go, sleep is so important and to get a solid 8 hours in these times is key. So give it a try it’s only a few minutes of your day which could result in a solid sleep. I am two restless night sleeps better off so hopefully let’s make it 3!

Sign up before the 31st March to get this offer! Link here: www.centr.com/join-us


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