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50 minute self-assessment tool

50 Minute Self-assessment tool

Before we start thinking about where we want to be, it’s crucial we must first make a realistic assessment of where we are. In the absence of such an assessment, our journey is undermined from the very start. We have developed this self-assessment guide that will only take you 50 minutes to complete. Broken down into 4 sections, each has a guide of how to complete along with a section for you to fill out. You’ll then have a clear focus on the actions you need to take.

Understand where you are today so you can be on the right path tomorrow.



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Strengths & Weaknesses

What are your strengths and weaknesses including all of the daily habits (positive and negative) that make up the engine room of your progress? You need to understand what your unique strengths are as your ultimate vision needs to be tied to things that give you strength. If your vision is not directly linked to your strengths, then the action plan will contain too many things that drain you of energy and will ultimately cause you to fail.

Skills & Experience

What are your tangible skills and experiences that apply to your current occupation or the occupation you want to have?  This assessment is critical because you need to know what skills and experience you have so that you can plan the tangible parts of the journey.


Understanding your personal brand is extremely important.  If there are problems with your reputation, for example if people perceive you have a low work ethic, are unreliable or worse, then your plan may need to include actions and values to repair these issues.  Reputations and brands are quirky things.  They are slow to develop and quick to damage which makes them quite precious.  Having said that, no brand is incapable of repair.


And finally, what are the major values that drive your daily actions? You’ll need to understand your major values so that they are in-line with your vision.  If the majority of your work activities are not consistent with your values, then you’ll spend most of your time trying to change yourself.  Imaging being in a relationship with someone who was constantly trying to change you…

Understand where you are today so you can be on the right path tomorrow

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Let’s get started

To help you with your self-assessment we have developed an easy to complete, free download.  It’s simple to use and will only take 50 minutes of your time.  This 50 minutes will be crucial to helping you achieve your vision.


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